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UpMo Performing Arts Hub

TYPE: Developed Design | SECTOR: Public | LOCATION: Edinburgh, Scotland

The planned UpMo Performing Arts Hub will bring a new use to the currently unoccupied existing warehouse by providing new facilities for adults with learning difficulties and autism to develop their life skills through music, drama, art and other expressive and physical activities.

The Performing Arts Hub will be a central facility for the creative syllabus that will be provided within the new UPMO Campus.  The project will deliver a range of collaboration, performance, teaching and personal care spaces. 

Changes to the exterior of the existing building are intended to be minimal, are limited to a new two storey high glazed opening in the south facade. This is to maximize use of daylight and to provide a visual link between exterior and interior spaces giving passers-by a glimpse into the creative environment and work of the UpMo students. 

New workshop spaces in the warehouse will be formed using second hand shipping containers. The containers inside of the building will be exposed as much as possible to clearly communicate the sustainable, creative and innovative character of the design. A visual link from the exterior to the containers will be provided through the large new glazing described above. 

The interior of the building is planned with flexibility in mind. Sliding-folding partitions as well as multiple large double door openings allow for a creative connections between zones and interaction of spaces. 

The design utilises a principle of upcycling of building materials by giving the disused shipping containers a second life, thus contributing to reduction of waste and CO2 emissions. The Performance Hub is designed with a low environmental impact in mind. Building products are carefully selected to minimise the total impact over the entire life cycle of the building. 


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